Visit Me Map: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Welcome to our Visit Me Map series.   This is a map of all the tourist stops we made in Bosnia and Herzegovnia in 2018 with our motorhome Matilda.   To use the map, click on the Bosnia and Herzegovina flag button to view photos and a brief description of the destination.  Click Continue Reading

Aussies Guide to Touring Europe with a Motorhome/Camper

Introduction So, you have bought/rented your van and you are ready to go explore a continent rich with culture, beautiful landscapes, history and culinary delights.  If you’re new to travelling Europe by motorhome/camper, it may seem overwhelming at first as you don’t know what to expect or where to start. Continue Reading

Aussies Budget Guide to Touring the UK with a Motorhome/Camper

[no_toc] With so many castles, stately homes, pretty villages, old pubs and ruined abbeys, the UK is a historical chocolate box that is a joy to explore with a motorhome/camper. Compared to its continental neighbours like France and Germany, I must confess it’s not the cheapest country to travel and Continue Reading

Norway’s Scenic Drives: Geiranger-Trollstigen

[no_toc] Of all the 18 scenic tourist driving routes in Norway, none are more popular and talked about than the hair-raising Geiranger-Trollstigen route.  With eleven hairpin bends and a descent of 9% gradient, I was a little concerned about driving Trollstigen (meaning: Trolls Ladder) even though I had read that Continue Reading