Visit Me Map: England

Welcome to our Visit Me Map series, the first of many maps I will create with photos and brief descriptions of destinations in each country we have visited.

This is a map of all the tourist stops we made in England in 2018 with our motorhome Matilda. (Wales and Scotland will be separate maps). There are some extra places which we visited in 2017 so I have added these in as well.

Of course these are not the only places we have visited in England, I could add another 100 or so destinations as I was born and raised there so have seen a lot of my former homeland over the years. Over time I will add other places that I and together with Vaughan have visited.  This map purely shows what we primarily visited with the motorhome.

To use the map, click on the Red Telephone Box  to view photos and a brief description of the destination. 

Click on the +/- sign on the map to zoom in and out.


More in the series:

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Jeff Daniel
Jeff Daniel
3 years ago

That’s awsome thanks for the information